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MSDS - Material
Safety Data Sheet
- Woven
- NonWoven


To view a specific Material Safety Data Sheet, select the appropriate nonwoven description from the "Product Name" list below.

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3 BGF Mat®, BGF MAT2® - Nonwoven Fiberglass MAT Natural Needle felt
65 BGF MAT® X - Nonwoven Fiberglass MAT Natural Needle felt
1 Fiberglass-Techmat® Natural Needle felt
2 Fiberglass, Polyester, Acrylic comb. Natural Needle felt
3 Fiberglass, Thermoset carbonaceous fiber Comb. Natural Needle felt
4 Fiberglass/Nylon 6 combination Natural Needle felt
5 Fiberglass/Meta-aramid combination Natural Needle felt
6 Fiberglass/Meta-aramid, Miscellaneous yarn combination Natural Needle felt
7 All styles of Fiberglass Fabric combined with Fiberglass Nonwoven Greige or silane Woven Needle Felt
8 Polyesters Natural Needle felt
9 Aluminized glass/polyester combinations Natural Thermally Bonded
10 Protex/fiberglass combination Natural Needle felt
11 Modacrylic/fiberglass Natural Needle felt
12 Modacrylic/Miraflex fiberglass Natural Needle felt
13 Meta-aramid Natural Needle felt
14 Silica, Silcosoft® Natural Needle felt
16 Fiberglass - Techmat® - Techmat Plus® Inorganic Binder Preform Part
17 SilcoSoft® Mat Inorganic Binder Preform Part
18 Aluminum Foil Needle Felt
19 Heat Cleaned Needle Felt
20 Natural Needle Felt
21 Natural Needle Felt

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