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BGF's corporate headquarters is located in Greensboro, NC and houses the company's adminstrative, sales offices and research & development center.
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Altavista Specialty Weaving Plant
Altavista, Virginia

This facility manufactures a diverse range of woven fiber glass and Kevlar® fabrics for a variety of specialty uses including filtration, composites, marine, ballistic, and commercial applications.
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Industrial NonWovens
Altavista, Virginia

Manufacturing Operation
This facility manufactures nonwoven mat products including TechMat®, SilcoSoft Mat®, and SpecialtyMat products. These products are needled, mechanically or thermally bonded nonwoven fabrics which are comprised of one or more fiber types in a wide range of thicknesses.
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Parts Assembly Plant This facility houses the die-cutting and parts assembly operations for the nonwovens manufacturing divisions in support of the transportation and industrial sectors.
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South Hill Plant
South Hill, Virginia

This facility is dedicated to the manufacture of lightweight fabrics for the electronics industry. The South Hill Plant provides the most technologically advanced weaving and finishing equipment available and is housed in a clean room environment incorporating all new handling techniques.
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Cheraw Carbon Weaving
Cheraw, South Carolina

This facility houses the carbon and S2® Glass weaving operation focusing on production of high quality products that meet the rigorous requirements of the Composites and Protective industries.
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