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Kevlar Cloth

BGF has been manufacturing fabrics made from Kevlar® for almost thirty years. Kevlar cloth is used for many applications where strength and light weight properties are critical. BGF's Kevlar cloth is used for advanced composites and protective applications.

The Discovery of Kevlar® Cloth

kevlar clothIn 1965 a research scientist working in DuPont's corporate lab discovered a fiber that was incredibly strong while also lightweight and flexible. The fiber was named Kevlar® and the possibilities were endless. Kevlar® is a man-made fiber that is five times stronger than steel, and extremely lightweight. Kevlar fibers are 43% lower in density than fiberglass.

The high strength/lightweight combination makes Kevlar cloth the perfect solution for a variety of applications including structural composites, ropes and cables, protective apparel, reinforced rubber products, gaskets and brake pads.

Kevlar Cloth for Composites

BGF is the premier supplier of Kevlar cloth to the Aerospace Industry. The type of Kevlar cloth used for composite applications is called Kevlar 49. Kevlar 49 has replaced fiberglass with composites reinforced with Kevlar cloth in aircraft. Kevlar cloth is much lighter in weight than fiberglass and therefore lightens the weight of an aircraft making it more fuel efficient.

Characteristics of Kevlar cloth for Composites

  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Flame resistant
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Performs with no strength loss up to temperatures of 320° F for extended periods.
  • Lighter in weight than E-Glass with higher specific strengths.
  • Sensitive to direct exposure from UV light; however, demonstrates little or no change in a composite when it is indirectly exposed to UV light.
  • Will not melt or support combustion, however, it will begin to caramelize at approximately 800°F.

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Kevlar® is a registered trademark of Dupont.

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