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Pad & Lagging

A crucial component of many industrial processing facilities, BGF’s pad and lagging fabrics comprise the outer carrier of thermal pads and covers installed in mechanical operation areas. These fabrics are manufactured from 100% fiberglass yarns, so they are 100% asbestos-free. They are resistant to high temperatures and are easy to handle, cut, and sew. Our proprietary finishes offer superior resistance to heat and water and satisfy our customers’ specific performance requirements.

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Various Pads


  • Expansion Joints
  • Pipe Lagging
  • Removable Flange & Valve Covers
  • Safety Clothing
  • Heat Shields
  • Spray Shields
  • Insulation Pads
  • Navy Board Facing Fabrics


  • Roll Length: 50 yards
  • Standard Widths: 60″

Standard Finishes

  • 603A – Multi-purpose pad covering and lagging finish, providing good hand, minimal dust, and ease of application.
  • 610A – Pre-applied rewettable lagging finish that is water activated and provides ease of application.
  • 208 – Comparable to 603A but pigmented red to indicate non-asbestos material.


  • ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test, Class A – Test method for surface burning characteristics of building materials.
  • MIL-I-24244 – This specification covers asbestos free thermal insulation with special corrosion, chloride, and fluoride requirements.
  • USG-164.009 – US Coast Guard Dept. of Transportation specification for noncombustible materials for merchant vessels.

Pad Lagging

Breaking Strength may vary with the finish.

Technical Data