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Extremely strong and lightweight, BGF’s woven materials for aerospace composites are made from the high-strength Dupont fiber, Kevlar®. Kevlar is the ideal solution for lightweight, strength, and the crucial stability demanded for aircraft structures.

Our expertise in delivering high-performance fabrics for the Aerospace Industry is derived from over 40 years of experience weaving Kevlar and other high tenacity yarns, making BGF the premier supplier of aramid fabrics in the world.  For more information on DuPont Kevlar, visit their website.

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Structural aircraft parts


  • Excellent thermal & dimensional stability
  • Performs with no strength loss up to temperatures of 320°F for extended periods
  • Lighter in weight than E-Glass with higher specific strengths
  • Sensitive to direct exposure from UV light; however, demonstrates little or no change in a composite when it is indirectly exposed to UV light
  • Will not melt or support combustion, however, it will begin to caramelize at approximately 800°F


  • 500-yard roll lengths
  • Standard widths: 38″, 50″
  • Standard finish: 618 scouring process to remove extractible material (to less than .01%) maximizing resin compatibility.
  • Specifications: AMS 3902: This specification covers cloth woven from high modulus, continuous, multifilament aramid yarn.

Physical Properties

Values shown are based on typical finished fabric data and should be used only as a guide, not a specification.

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

Technical Data