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EMI/RFI Shielding
EMI/RFI Shielding
Thermoplastic Glass Reinforcement
Thermoplastic Glass Reinforcement

EMI/RFI Shielding

Metafil Mat® is the ultimate material to provide effective shielding from electromagnetic interference. Our Metafil Mat is used in radar blocking equipment for the military and in shielding for satellite antennae.

Metafil consists of aluminum coated glass fibers thermally bonded into a nonwoven mat of uniform density. The fibers are oriented to provide superior electrical and shielding performance. The structure of the material allows for conformability to irregular surfaces and compatibility with other base substrates or resin systems.

This material is manufactured in a well-controlled environment to assure product uniformity and performance. The structure of the material allows for conformability to irregular surfaces and compatibility with other base substrates or resin systems.

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  • Microwave antennas
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Lightning strike protection
  • Electrostatic finishing
  • Electrostatic dissipation
  • Thermal dissipation
  • Radar reflective composites


  • Good drapeability, conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Multi-resin compatibility
  • Electrically and thermally conductive
  • Moldable
  • Moisture absorption negligible

Shielding Effectiveness*

*Test data provided by Microwave Specialty Corp.

Physical Properties


Technical Data


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Our in-house machinery and equipment offer a wide range of fabrication capabilities. We can collaborate with you to create customized prototypes for development or assembly line production. Our global supply network can streamline your process and help you meet deadlines. Whatever your needs, we will put our imaginations to work for you for an optimized solution from start to finish.

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Thermoplastic Glass Reinforcement

PolyPreg® is the latest innovation in thermoplastic composite material from BGF Industries. PolyPreg® is a woven co-mingled Glass/Polypropylene fabric that can be directly consolidated, with the addition of heat and minimal pressure, into a high strength composite part. PolyPreg® has high glass content, high impact properties, unlimited shelf life, no emissions, is recyclable and easy to process. Parts made from PolyPreg® can be used in many applications—Automotive, Building & Construction, Marine, Sports & Leisure, and Transportation.

PolyPreg® fiber ratios can be customized. It is UV stable, soft, conformable to complex shapes, and is available in 750 GSM and 1500 GSM, in natural or black colors.

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Applications: Automotive, Building & Construction, Marine, Sports & Leisure and Transportation

Characteristics: Strong, Aerodynamic, Impact Resistant, Recyclable

Styles are FX22A & FX44A

Technical Data