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Decorative fabrics from BGF Industries are not only innovative but also provide superior quality with outstanding features that make a statement in the automobile industry.

For true excellence in automotive decorative fabrics choose authentic high-performance fabrics made from Carbon, Fiberglass, and Kevlar® brand fibers. BGF’s decorative product line delivers the ultimate solution that adds style and flair to any automotive, luggage, recreational or architectural product.

Barracuda Aluminized Fiberglass
Barracuda Aluminized Fiberglass
Carbon Fabric
Hybrid Fabrics
Hybrid Fabrics

Barracuda Aluminized Fiberglass

You’ve never seen metal move quite like this!

By “this” we’re referring to Barracuda®—BGF’s new aluminized glass fabric. Simply put, Barracuda® is like moldable steel. It features the look of metal with the functionality of traditional high-performance fabrics. A marriage of style and function, this amazing fabric is poised to revolutionize products that demand aesthetic appeal and strength—everything from sporting goods to luggage, motorcycle helmets to kitchen appliances, dashboards to umbrella shafts—and we are coming up with new applications every day.

The distinctive appearance of Barracuda® is achieved through a unique finishing process designed specifically for composite applications. When combined with the proper resin, products made with Barracuda® emulate the silver sheen of 3-D steel. But good looks are only half the story. Beneath the surface, Barracuda® offers the same high-performance characteristics of traditional fiberglass fabrics: it is strong, durable, lightweight, and easily moldable.

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One new fabric. A legacy of innovation.

The product of extensive research and development by our expert chemists and technicians, you can see Barracuda’s unique look and texture and realize that it is a material unlike anything else on the market.


  • Flexible, moldable
  • Strong & Durable
  • Fire resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Silvery, metal-like sheen

To learn more about Barracuda®, send email to or call us at 800-476-4845.
Barracuda® is a trademark of BGF Industries, Inc.

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Carbon Fabrics

BGF’s carbon fiber fabrics exude refinement and success. When woven fabric is formed into a composite, the deep rich black carbon fibers deliver a distinctive appearance with a hologram-like effect. It adds fashion and flair to any product—from luggage to golf shafts, from automotive spoilers to architectural structures. Even the most ordinary of items become switched on gorgeous when made of carbon fabric composite material. Carbon fabrics can be constructed in plain or fancy weave patterns such as twills or satin weaves. With the added benefits of strength, lightweight, impact resistance and fire resistance, carbon fabrics deliver the ultimate in style and class for the products you use every day for travel and leisure.

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Rearview Mirror

Rearview Mirror made from Carbon Fabric

Hybrid Fabrics

Introducing BGF’s bold and colorful Kevlar® Carbon hybrid fabrics. Our Kevlar/Carbon hybrids are the latest in high performance appeal for products from race cars and luggage to sports equipment and motorcycle helmets. The integration of Kevlar and Carbon fibers produces a fabric that is strong, lightweight, durable, and eye-catching when transformed into a composite part. Call us today to ask how our Kevlar/Carbon fabrics can add “bling” to your product. Kevlar® is available in standard yellow, or blue and green.

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