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Mighty Matt

Mighty Matt

Mighty Matt is the Auto Aftermarket™ solution for restoration and kit car projects. We also refer to it as Techmat with Foil but to our customers, it has truly earned its name as MIGHTY MATT. Mighty Matt is a 100% E-glass fiber mat on one side with glass fiber reinforced foil on the opposite side. We can also provide two-sided coverage for special applications.


  • Low Thermal Conductivity At Temperatures To 1000° F (538° C)
  • Good Drape-Ability, Conforms To Irregular Surfaces
  • Non-Respirable, 9-Micron Filament Diameter
  • Excellent Vibration Resistance, Will Not Powder
  • Excellent Sound Absorption Properties (NRC Available Upon Request)
  • Non-Alkaline (<0.01%)
  • Low Chlorides And Fluorides
  • Will Not Contribute To Metal Corrosion
  • Odorless-Will Not Absorb Odors-Clean
  • Will Not Decay Or Sustain Mold Or Vermin
  • Moisture Absorption Negligible


  • Floor Pans
  • Floor Boards
  • Firewalls
  • Door and Quarter Panel Lining
  • Trunk Lining
  • Roof Lining
  • Exhaust Wrap
  • Fuel Line Wrap

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