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Fiber Reinforced Plastics

BGF’s fiberglass fabrics comprise the core strength in many fiber reinforced plastics we use every day. Our product line features fabrics ranging in weight from 3 oz. to 40 oz. and are available in standard and decorative weave patterns in a variety of widths. Specialized finishes are utilized to make the fabric compatible with any resin system you are using.

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Boat components, Marine tooling, Automotive polymer support, Golf Clubs, Mold release liners, Custom car parts, personal watercraft


  • Widths: 38″, 50″, 60″
  • Roll Length: 125 yards
  • Finishes: 497A, 550, 504, 504A, 538, 558, 627


This specification covers the basic forms of untreated glass fiber used by themselves or as components of other materials. The materials are generally used as electrical insulation, mechanical support, or as structural members.

This specification covers the requirements for glass fabrics that have been woven, cleaned, and finished for further fabrication into the glass fabric base resin laminates and sandwich materials.

BMS 9-3
This specification covers the requirements for woven glass fabric reinforcements used by The Boeing Company and Boeing subcontractors, and supplied to The Boeing Company and Boeing subcontractors by raw material suppliers for structural and nonstructural laminated products. This specification requires qualified products.

This specification establishes the minimum requirements for woven glass cloth that has been suitably finished for fabrication into an epoxy laminate.

This specification establishes the requirements for miscellaneous styles of glass fabric, glass yarn, and glass woven tapes.

Technical Data