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R-FACTOR - Fiber Mat

BGF’s new R-FACTOR is a breakthrough, award-winning innovation for high temperature insulation that provides consistent, reliable product uniformity and performance surpassing any comparable product on the market today.

R-FACTOR is a process that produces an unprecedented 4.5pcf density mat with physical characteristics that are exceptionally uniform and consistent. A variety of fibers can be used to develop an R-FACTOR mat, such as fiberglass, SilcoSoft®, and other high-performance fibers.

R-FACTOR is an adhesive-free, mechanically bonded mat weighing in at only 4.5 pcf with thicknesses ranging from 0.75 to 1. Proprietary processing methods allow for flexibility of the high-temperature fibers utilized. R-FACTOR is particularly effective where low weight and low density are key design parameters. R-FACTOR also offers excellent thermal and acoustical performance in high-temperature environments.

Partner with BGF to develop a customized solution with R-FACTOR that will meet and exceed the requirements of your engineering design project.


  • Excellent product uniformity
  • Low Density consistently 4.5 pcf
  • Excellent thermal performance in operating temperatures up to 1000 degrees F
  • Consistent in appearance
  • Low thermal conductivity at temperatures to 1000° F (538° C)
  • Good drape-ability” conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Non-respirable, 9-micron filament diameter
  • Moisture absorption negligible
  • Excellent vibration resistance, will not powder
  • Excellent sound absorption properties (NRC available upon request)
  • Non-alkaline (<0.01%)
  • Low chlorides and fluorides
  • Will not contribute to metal corrosion
  • Odorless-will not absorb odors-clean
  • Will not decay or sustain mold or vermin

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