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BGF’s Low Toxic Navy Board Facing Fabrics

Navy ships have stringent requirements for flame resistance and low toxicity in materials used in the construction or refurbishment of ships. BGF’s Low Toxic Navy Board Facing fabrics are used extensively to cover bulkheads and passageways and other insulated areas. We provide broad woven fabric and narrow tape using 100% fiberglass material to ensure flame retardance, insulation protection, and durability. Our hullboard fabric, when perforated, allows the thick backing material to absorb sound, thus providing an additional acoustical control benefit.

Navy Board Facing Fabrics

Standard Finish

261 – Patented low toxic, low smoke finish for navy board.

BGF’s 261 finish has low chlorides, low toxicity, and a Class A rating with respect to Flame Spread and Smoke Developed when tested in accordance with NFPA 255 “Method of Test of Surface Burning Characteristics of Building materials” (ASTM E-84). Its benefits include:

  • Rigidity to span non-uniformities in the board carrier and ease in fabrication.
  • Suitability to aid in fabrication, sizing, and handling of boards.
  • Protection, easy cleaning, and strength.
  • Accepts both oil-based and latex paints.


MIL-C 20079, Type I, Class 2 – Specification covers glass textiles: cloth, tapes, and threads.

MIL-C-20079 Breaking Strength Requirements:

Hullboard Tape

Style 28T Hullboard Tape is made of 100% fiberglass yarns and woven into narrow widths from 2″–6″ for use with Style 3732.

Technical Data