Inspired by Innovation, Driven by Excellence


BGF continually invests in the latest and most technologically advanced manufacturing equipment available. We have over one million square feet of manufacturing space staffed by three shifts, seven days per week.


  • Conventional weaving from a minimum of 1.5 to 124 in. in width for untreated fabric and 80 in. for treated fabrics.
  • Hundreds of patterns and yarn constructions to meet specific requirements.
  • Creel weaving for specialized yarns.
  • A wide range of high-performance fibers can be utilized: fiberglass, carbon, aramid, and other specialty fibers.


  • Proprietary processes employ both mechanical and chemical treatments to apply a wide range of bonding agents, pigments, FR coatings, and stabilizers.
  • Finishing treatments provide added stiffness, chemically active bond sites, protective coatings, acid resistance and cleanability to name a few.

Twisting, Plying & Texturizing

  • These processes provide additional tensile strength, surface adhesion, insulating properties and produce other key characteristics required for higher performance of the end product.


  • Conventional beam warping for large production runs
  • Direct warping for creel weaving
  • Sectional warping to produce shorter production runs


  • Tracer yarn insertion
  • Logo printing
  • Custom packaging
  • Treated pallets