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Laminated Product


Our lamination capabilities allow us to add durability and unique properties to fabrics or other materials for a custom engineered solution.

  • Laminate Fibers, Foils, Films, Fabrics
  • Widths Up to 70 In. Wide
  • Temperatures Up to 428 Degrees F
  • Multiple Laminate Materials in One Process
  • Up to Six Layers with 3 Take-Ups
Fabrication Equipment


BGF has a facility dedicated solely to manufacturing fabricated parts that add value and function to any product or service.

Capabilities include:
Die Cutting, Molding, Sheeting, Layering, Parts Assembly, Winding, Welding, Adhesive Application, Preforms, Sorting, Texturing, Stamping, Treated Pallets



BGF has an international Services Department that serves customers worldwide. Our experienced import/export personnel have managed all aspects of logistics for our customers for many years. We can arrange transport, execute the appropriate documentation, handle Customs requirements, and advise on methods of payment in all countries. Documentation in each country varies and our team is well versed on completing the forms specific to each. We can handle proforma invoices and Customs documentation as well as provide currency exchange rates and advise on letters of credit and bank transfers.